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What is Long Distance Medical Transportation?

A long distance medical transport refers to transports that are 200 miles or more.  If you or a loved one are in need of 200+ mile transport, CienOne is the premier choice for luxury medical transport from state to state.

What Solution Is Best For You

Our caring transport coordinators are trained to work with patients and caregivers, as well as departing and receiving facility staff. We build a trip plan based on medical and personal requirements and assign the best crew available based on the patient’s needs and conditions. We communicate and coordinate with family members throughout the entire process to guide you to the best solution and ensure the highest level of customer care – for the patient and caregiver

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

  • 200+ Miles Non-Emergency Medical Transport
  • Non-Emergency transport state to state
  • For those unable to safely drive themselves.
  • If you or your loved one require medical assistance during transport

Senior Transport
200+ Miles

  • Senior citizens transport across state lines
  • For senior citizens who are unable to safely drive themselves.
  • If you need medical assistance to go to and from locations
  • For transportation in non-emergency situations

Long Distance Patient Transport

  • For non-emergency medical situations
  • Transportation from one healthcare facility to another
  • Fully equipped with medical staff and equipment on hand.
  • If you need medical assistance to go to and from locations

Bedside to Bedside

  • For non-emergency medical situations
  • Transportation for bed-ridden patients 200+ miles
  • Full service helping the patient from bedside A to bedside B
  • Equipped with hydraulic power stretcher

State to State Ambulance

  • Non-emergency medical transportation between states.
  • If you need medical assistance during long road trips.
  • Comfortable state-to-state transportation for those unable to drive themselves.
  • Two professional drivers and medical staff on board

Bariatric Transport

  • Comfortable transportation for bariatric patients.
  • Extra wide stretchers, and spacious cabin room
  • State of the art hydraulic stretcher
  • Non-Emergency medical situations over long distances


Long Distance Medical Transport

Ride with CienOne today for safe and secure long-distance medical transport. Transporting loved ones over a long distance can be very difficult for family members. Our primary objective is to help remove that burden by seamlessly handling arrangements to transport your loved one.


Our customers trust us because we incorporate the highest quality standards throughout our service delivery. We provide top-quality services from our drivers and medical personnel to our Sprinter vehicle fleets and service equipment.

Comfort & Safety

Comfort and safety are at the core of our services. As a result, our vehicles are fully equipped to provide our riders with a safe and luxurious experience.

Professional Care

Our transport teams are professionally staffed with expert medical personnel and drivers for every transport. We ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care and support during transit.

We Offer a Variety of Transportation Services.

Not sure which service suits your needs best? No need to worry, take a look at our quick view selection below.

Non Emergency Medical Transport

We are a leading national medical transportation provider offering non-emergency transport patient transfer from interstate and nationwide. Our long-distance medical transport fleets are specially constructed to provide the utmost safety and comfort in all situations. As a result, our patients are always comfortable, even if they are bed-restricted or unable to sit up for longer periods.

Bedside to Bedside

Our highly trained medical team provides our clients with secure and dependable bedside-to-bedside patient transfer services. We are available to convey you from your home, assisted living facility, hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, etc. Our staff are licensed, registered, and trained to deliver optimal care and comfort to non-ambulatory patients.

Patient Transport

Whether a patient requires medical attention in a different state or needs transport from their current facility to a facility in another state, look no further. CienOne’s patient transport fleet is equipped with the medical equipment necessary to ensure a safe and secure transport.

Senior Transport

Trying to move a loved one, who is unable to take care of themselves, closer to home can be very stressful. CienOne is the leading senior transport team and can assist in this process. With a wide variety of medical equipment on board our fleet, we can safely transport those who need continuous care to anywhere in the US.

State to State Ambulance

Our elite team of expert medical staff are licensed and experienced in providing national and state-to-state ambulance services and elderly transportation. We provide our riders with utmost care and comfort throughout their trip. We have a professional team of trained, licensed drivers experienced in medical transport commute services.

Bariatric Transport

CienOne takes pride in patient comfort, no matter the condition. Our fleet of medical sprinters can accommodate bariatric patients who may need a little more care to be comfortable. With our rear facing doors that open 270 degrees and a hydraulic stretcher, loading and unloading is done with ease.

Cross Country Medical Transport

CienOne takes pride in being the top medical transport choice nationwide. Ride with us today!

Be Prepared

Our transport coordinating team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are ready to address any questions or concerns about your medical transport needs. Be Prepared with the Following Required Information:

Frequently Asked Medical Transportation Questions


If you are planning a trip outside the city with your close ones, it is possible to get NEMT services. Drivers and caretakers ensure that your patient is safe and feels comfortable throughout the journey.


Although it can differ from organization to organization, most insurance companies do not cover non-emergency medical transport.  To find out more, you should get in touch with your insurance provider.

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