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CienOne goes to great lengths to provide outstanding long distance bariatric transportation. Each vehicle in our transport fleet is custom made and designed to be accommodating to all patients, bariatric or not. Our rear facing doors have a 270 degree range of motion to provide a stress free and safe loading and unloading.

Obesity affects over one-third of Americans, and comes with its own medical challenges. At CienOne, our transport fleet is equipped to handle these challenges in a seamless manner. Our Stryker power load stretcher is capable of lifting up to 700lbs with the touch of a button. Furthermore, our vans are large enough to have a passenger or family member along for the entirety of the transport.

Our trusted medical staff is prepared to get you or your loved ones where they need to be.

What is the Difference Between Bariatric Transport and Patient Transport Services?

When it comes to medical transportation services, it is easy for some people to get overwhelmed with the range of services. As a result, some even mistakenly choose the wrong service due to a lack of knowledge. Terms like long-distance geriatric ambulance service and bariatric service can seem like the same services but they are different.

As a top-notch medical transport service provider, CienOne has seen people get confused between patient transport and bariatric transport services. To simplify the concept and help people choose the right service, we have highlighted the subtle nuances that separate bariatric transport services from patient transport services.

What is Bariatric Transport Service?

Simply put, it is a specialized service designed to accommodate patients who are obese or have bariatric needs. Patients who are morbidly obese face difficulty traveling long distances and need support with specialized equipment and trained staff. Long-distance or coast-to-coast bariatric ambulance services are designed to cater to larger patients.

What is Long Distance Geriatric Transport?

Patient transport services are designed to provide assisted, safe, and comfortable long-distance transportation services to those facing various medical conditions. It is not limited to people who are obese and can be used by anyone diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, has limited mobility, or needs specialized transportation.

What is the Main Difference Between Bariatric and Patient Transport Services?

Here are some of the main distinguishing factors between long-distance bariatric transport services and long-distance geriatric transport services:

Target Patient Group

Bariatric transport service is primarily for patients with obesity while patient transportation service is for every patient (irrespective of weight) diagnosed with a medical condition. Patient transportation can also be viewed as a long-distance elderly ambulance as seniors can also avail of this service to safely reach a distant location.

Specialized Equipment and Accommodations

A major difference between the two types of transport services lies in the specialized equipment and accommodations offered to bariatric patients. Bariatric patients require equipment such as extra heavy and oversized stretchers and lifts to easily accommodate obese patients. 

Even the vehicles are custom-designed to ensure patients smoothly get inside the vehicle. Such requirements are not mandatory for other patients but they may have different requirements. 

Both bariatric and patient transport services require specialized, trained, and knowledgeable teams to provide a pleasant experience to patients. However, for maximum benefit, we recommend picking the right service based on the patient’s requirements.  

Patient Transport

CienOne is a top-tier, nationwide medical transport service provider. We offer an extensive lineup of interstate patient transportation services for various non-emergency situations. Our long-distance medical transport fleets are specially configured to provide the best comfort to bed-restricted patients who cannot walk or sit up for long periods.

Senior Transport

Our nurses and patient care managers are licensed and trained to provide patients with the best care and comfort while on their trip. We also provide our patients with the accompaniment of trained medical personnel to attend to their medical needs in transit, ensuring that they arrive stable. Presently, our most common service is elderly transport.

Bariatric Transport

The leader in long-distance bariatric transportation, CienOne provides outstanding patient care for our bariatric patients. Our rear doors open up 270 degrees to allow for a smooth and comfortable loading and unloading. We encourage family to accompany our bariatric patients as passengers, with plenty of room inside,

Trusted Bariatric Transport

CienOne is among the most trusted choices for bariatric transportation, chat with a transport coordinator today.

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