Types of Medical Transportation

Medical transportation caters to passengers who need special care while being transported but are not experiencing any health emergencies. Due to the complexity of ambulance transportation services, experts have come up with different types of medical transportation to cater to these passengers.

There are many different types of long distance medical transportation services available from a long distance non emergency elderly ambulance to NEMT services. You can book any of these transportation services depending on the patient’s condition. Knowing the best transportation type for your unique needs is crucial.

Let’s get started and discover the different types of long distance medical transportation and the difference between NEMT vs ambulance transportation.


What is NEMT vs Ambulance Transportation?

Long distance non emergency medical transportation and long distance non emergency ambulance transportation may sound similar but there are a few differences between them. NEMT caters to patients who need additional care and support at an affordable rate than most emergency ambulance transportation services.

Moreover, long distance non emergency medical transportation caters to those who are bed-ridden like bariatric patients or those who have certain safety concerns. This is the reason why professionals offer trained medical staff along with specially equipped vehicles to avoid any unpleasant incidents during travel.

Whereas, long distance non emergency ambulance transportation is for those who need support in critical cases. If you have badly injured your legs and are unable to drive to the nearest hospital, in these cases, ambulatory transportation is required. Therefore, there are clear differences between NEMT vs ambulance transportation.


Different Types of Long Distance Medical Transportation

Long distance medical transportation is indeed helpful in terms of enabling patients to reach their desired destination much more quickly and efficiently than any other transportation. Now, among these medical transportation, there are different types of services offered that should be used according to your own requirements.

The different types of medical transportation include but are not limited to the following:


Wheelchair Transportation

There are people who have limited mobility and they are confined to wheelchairs. The reason could be many including bariatric issues, health issues, sudden injuries, fractures, post-surgical requirements, or anything else that warrants a medical condition. These patients need special care and attention while being transported.

This is why wheelchair transportation is offered. In some cases, patients can move from their chairs to the vehicle seat but in other cases, they can’t. Therefore, professionals are all equipped with their staff to take good care of these individuals to ensure they remain comfortable, regardless of anything that may arise during the journey.


Stretcher Transportation

Stretcher transportation is another type of long-distance transportation and it is reserved for those who need assistance in getting up or moving back into the sitting position. There are hundreds of reasons why an individual may be confined to stretchers but it requires additional safety and concern to move these patients.

Professional medical transportation services offer stretcher transportation to help these people safely reach their destination without facing any discomfort. However, you must conduct proper research to make sure whether they will provide extra staff to help you move these patients from the vehicle or not.


Medical Flights

In some cases, patients need to travel to another state or city for medical checkups. It could be because the doctors are unable to treat a specific critical condition in your state or location. However, regardless of anything, people in these cases need medical flights that are well-equipped to transport the patients.

Medical flights also come with experienced and medically trained and certified staff such as a flight nurse. Flying on an NEMT flight is about as close as you can get to being in a hospital with on-call doctors and nurses. Everything you or your loved one needs is included in your rates when you book a medical flight with a certified provider.


Family Functions

Family functions is an area that most people don’t realize that NEMT services can provide. In some cases, patients are unable to travel to family functions due to certain medical conditions. Therefore, specialized medical equipment, staff, and vehicles are required to safely transport the patients to the event and back home.

This can even come into play when there are personal events that the patient may want to go to such as a concert or anything that requires specialized transportation. NEMT services are also available for routine prescriptions and other non-emergency agendas.

These are the different types of medical transportation services offered by professionals. Additionally, you can also find long distance non emergency geriatric ambulance services to help you move geriatric patients safely from their home to their appointments and back.


Who Can I Call for Long Distance Medical Transportation?

CienOne offers long distance medical transportation for patients who need additional support and care. We have wheelchair and stretcher services as well as all other medical supplies that are needed during the travel to keep a patient safe and sound. In fact, we provide medically trained staff to accompany the patient during the entire travel.

In the end, if you have been wondering who you should call for long distance medical transportation, CienOne is your go-to solution. To know more about our rates, booking procedures, and other aspects of NEMT,  talk to our experts today and see how it easy is to get the NEMT services you need for yourself or your loved ones.

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