Bedside to Bedside Transport

Bedside to Bedside Transport

Bedside-to-bedside transportation is essential for non-emergency medical transport. Because of this, our transport vehicles are outfitted with cutting-edge fixtures to ensure that your loved ones get a safe and smooth ride.

For comfort, our fleet is fully equipped with music systems, air conditioning, TV, and other amenities to make your ride more comforting. Where necessary, we may collaborate with medical practitioners, families, and individuals across the United States to deliver up-to-date non-emergency medical transport services to patients in our care.

Our trusted medical staff is prepared to get you or your loved ones where they need to be.

Patient Transport

CienOne is a top-tier, nationwide medical transport service provider. We offer an extensive lineup of interstate patient transportation services for various non-emergency situations. Our long-distance medical transport fleets are specially configured to provide the best comfort to bed-restricted patients who cannot walk or sit up for long periods.

Senior Transport

Our nurses and patient care managers are licensed and trained to provide patients with the best care and comfort while on their trip. We also provide our patients with the accompaniment of trained medical personnel to attend to their medical needs in transit, ensuring that they arrive stable. Presently, our most common service is elderly transport.

Bariatric Transport

The leader in long-distance bariatric transportation, CienOne provides outstanding patient care for our bariatric patients. Our rear doors open up 270 degrees to allow for a smooth and comfortable loading and unloading. We encourage family to accompany our bariatric patients as passengers, with plenty of room inside,

Trusted Medical Transport

CienOne is among the most trusted choices for bariatric transportation, chat with a transport coordinator today.

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