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State to State Ambulance Services

CienOne is the leader in state to state ambulance services. We are dedicated to providing you or your loved one the excellent medical care they deserve. Our fully equipped medical fleet is capable of handling most medical emergencies in the rare case one presents itself during transport. Trust CienOne with your state to state ambulance needs.

When transporting yourself or a loved one long distances, you want to ensure you’re in capable hands. With CienOne, you have a professional team of medical transport experts equipped with the necessary tools to make your trip safe and secure.

Our trusted medical staff is prepared to get you or your loved ones where they need to be.

Who Needs State-to-State Ambulance Transportation Company?

State-to-state ambulance services are designed to ensure timely and safe transportation of patients to a different state. If any of your acquaintances are diagnosed with a medical condition and needs help shifting to a new state for treatment, you will need assistance from a state-to-state ambulance transportation company. 

CienOne is a popular, top-tier state-to-state ambulance service provider that has helped thousands of patients travel long distances to a new state comfortably and securely. If you’re wondering who can avail of our services and whether your loved one or acquaintance is eligible, we’re here to clear up the confusion. 

Who Can Use Our Services?

Anyone in one of the following categories can contact a state-to-state transport company and hire our services:

Patients Requiring Special Medical Care

State-to-state ambulance services are designed for patients requiring specialized medical care that isn’t available in their native location. Medical care can include anything from surgeries to specialized medical treatments. Patients can also be transported to a different state if the doctor is unavailable in the current location.

Bariatric Patients Seeking Safe and Comfortable Transport

People with special bariatric need a state-to-state bariatric transportation company as bariatric patients require special care, equipment, and medical attention while traveling long distances. They need specialized providers like us, equipped with the necessary resources and approved licenses to facilitate smooth transportation to a different state.

Patients With Long Distance Medical Appointments

Not every patient has to permanently relocate to a new location to seek medical treatment. Some require shifting temporarily, where they can attend their medical appointments and return to their native state. These patients can take state-to-state or coast-to-coast patient transport services.

Patients with Limited Mobility

Most patients with limited mobility and chronic medical conditions find it difficult to travel to distant locations. As a result, they miss attending numerous special events such as weddings, family gatherings, festivals, etc. If you know someone who has limited mobility due to a medical condition CienOne is here to help. 

How Do We Help?

Cienone is the only state-to-state bariatric transportation company you need. People with diverse medical conditions face challenges trying to reach a new state for various reasons. Further, we have medically-trained staff and professional drivers with certifications and clean background records.

CienOne is here to end this problem, making the travel worries end forever. If you know someone who falls in one of the categories discussed above, book our reliable state-to-state ambulance services for their safe and comfortable transportation needs. We have the right NEMT vehicle and service team ready to go when you are.

Frequently Asked Medical Transportation Questions


If you are planning a trip outside the city with your close ones, it is possible to get NEMT services. Drivers and caretakers ensure that your patient is safe and feels comfortable throughout the journey.


Although it can differ from organization to organization, most insurance companies do not cover non-emergency medical transport.  To find out more, you should get in touch with your insurance provider.

Patient Transport

CienOne is a top-tier, nationwide medical transport service provider. We offer an extensive lineup of interstate patient transportation services for various non-emergency situations. Our long-distance medical transport fleets are specially configured to provide the best comfort to bed-restricted patients who cannot walk or sit up for long periods.

Senior Transport

Our nurses and patient care managers are licensed and trained to provide patients with the best care and comfort while on their trip. We also provide our patients with the accompaniment of trained medical personnel to attend to their medical needs in transit, ensuring that they arrive stable. Presently, our most common service is elderly transport.

Bariatric Transport

The leader in long-distance bariatric transportation, CienOne provides outstanding patient care for our bariatric patients. Our rear doors open up 270 degrees to allow for a smooth and comfortable loading and unloading. We encourage family to accompany our bariatric patients as passengers, with plenty of room inside,

Trusted State to State Ambulance Services

CienOne is among the most trusted choices for state to state ambulance services, chat with a transport coordinator today. You can reach our transport coordinators via phone, email, or live chat any day of the week! Contact us today!

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