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Interstate Patient Transport Services

CienOne is a longstanding brand recognized for safe, reliable patient transport. We are clinically distinguished for providing aged patients with tenderhearted care and medical attention during their trips. Our professional medical team utilizes a personal approach to cater to each patient’s needs, ensuring they get the highest quality service.

Our experts ensure that our patients are met according to medical transport best practices and guidelines. We have high service standards and transport our riders with professionalism and integrity.

Our trusted medical staff is prepared to get you or your loved ones where they need to be.

Be Prepared with the Following Required Information:

  • The patient’s name, date of birth, gender, and age
  • The home address of the patient
  • The pick-up location of the patient
  • Requested time and date required for pick-up
  • The drop-off location or receiving facility of the patient
  • The name of the medical provider or physician authorizing the non-emergency ambulance transport
  • Medical condition: feeding tubes, special diets, etc.
  • Does the patient require special equipment, i.e., oxygen*?
  • Physical condition: weight, height, and ability to move or sit
  • Will an accompanying passenger be joining the patient?

Our transport coordinating team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are ready to address any questions or concerns about your medical transport needs. 

Advantages of Choosing Long-Distance Patient Transport Services

When it comes to long-distance patient transport, we understand the significant impact it has on the patient’s overall well-being. At CienOne, our primary mission is to elevate the experience patients undergo during their medical journey. We provide the utmost care and support while helping patients cover long-distance travel for treatment purposes. 

Our entire medical transportation fleet comprises customized vehicles that provide ultimate luxury, comfort, and convenience to bedridden patients or others who have difficulty sitting up or walking for long periods. 

If you have acquaintances undergoing any medical treatment and need help taking them to medical institutions, clinics, or far-away locations, our state-to-state patient transport ambulance services can make things easy and streamlined. 

What Should You Expect With Our Long Distance Patient Transport Services?

When you sign-up for our long-distance patient transport services, you enjoy the following benefits:

Comfort Beyond Expectations

CienOne provides unmatched comfort to patients during their long-distance travel. Our team of trained and skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to provide the best care to patients of all ages. Moreover, our vehicles responsible for aiding their long-distance transport are also equipped with the necessary features such as greater accessibility, plush seating, extra space, climate control, and more to deliver a pleasant experience. With our patient transport services, you can expect to receive ultimate comfort and security throughout the journey.

Timely and Reliable Services

We understand the importance and need of providing timely services, as even the slightest delay can sometimes affect a patient’s treatment schedule. Therefore, we ensure all our long-distance patient transportation ambulance services are carried out within the promised time. Once you book the services, our team will reach your house within the promised time to pick up the patient. Over the years, we have never missed any pickup or drop time, so you can rely on our high-quality and timely services.

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

Patient safety is our top priority. Meaning, whether you book our state-to-state patient transport ambulance or any other vehicle for long-distance travel, you can rest assured of the patient’s safety and comfort. Our entire team follows strict patient safety guidelines, leaving nothing to worry about your loved one’s comfort, security, and convenience.

Who Needs Non Emergency Medical Transportation

All patients need extra support and care during long-distance travel, and we go the extra mile to cover their requirements. Our patient-centric approach ensures they get quality service without any hassle. 

If your loved one is undergoing any medical treatment and needs help traveling to a distant location for treatment or any other reason, CienOne’s patient transport service has got you covered. To know more about our services, contact us today.

Patient Transport

CienOne is a top-tier, nationwide medical transport service provider. We offer an extensive lineup of interstate patient transportation services for various non-emergency situations. Our long-distance medical transport fleets are specially configured to provide the best comfort to bed-restricted patients who cannot walk or sit up for long periods.

Senior Transport

Our nurses and patient care managers are licensed and trained to provide patients with the best care and comfort while on their trip. We also provide our patients with the accompaniment of trained medical personnel to attend to their medical needs in transit, ensuring that they arrive stable. Presently, our most common service is elderly transport.

Bariatric Transport

The leader in long-distance bariatric transportation, CienOne provides outstanding patient care for our bariatric patients. Our rear doors open up 270 degrees to allow for a smooth and comfortable loading and unloading. We encourage family to accompany our bariatric patients as passengers, with plenty of room inside,

Trusted Non-Emergency Medical Transport

You can reach our transport coordinators via phone, email, or live chat any day of the week! CienOne proudly provides non-emergency medical transportation across the nation. We offer bedside-to-bedside, state-to-state, and long-distance medical transport. Contact us today!

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