Transport for Patients With Mental and Health Disorders

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of mental health disorders, and behavioral disorders have been increasingly scaling up, leaving NEMT services in high demand. These non-emergency patient transport vehicles help to safely transport mental health patients to another hospital or doctor’s clinic for further checkups.

When a patient is dealing with any type of mental health disorder or behavioral disorders, they need specialized care and attention while being transported to another facility. In many cases, patients may need an air ambulance because the medical facility is located in another state. Thus, having a long-distance NEMT service provider can help.

Non-emergency medical transportation not only ensures the safe transportation of patients but also provides experienced and trained medical staff along with the vehicle to avoid any unpleasant experiences during the travel. For more information, let’s continue reading.


When to Use a NEMT Service?

Although the primary goals of NEMT services are pretty clear, many people are confused thinking about when to use a NEMT service. Generally, a patient transport ambulance can be used for many reasons including taking patients to a hospital to transporting them to another location for a medical checkup or surgery.

The reasons why non-emergency medical transportation is required include:


If You Need Special Care?

Patients suffering from mental health issues, behavioral issues, or any other mental or physical complexities require special care and attention while traveling. In such cases, you can use transportation for mental health patients to transport them to a medical facility safely.


If You Are a Senior Patient?

Generally, senior citizens suffering from any kind of illness have difficulty staying up-to-date with their medical appointments due to a lack of transportation. As some of them have limited mobility, the condition starts to worsen over time. This is why there is a patient transport ambulance to help them with their routine checkups.


If You Want Inner Peace?

Patients with several mental or physical health conditions feel anxious while moving. Thus, public transport can be a real challenge for them. However, with NEMT transport, you can just state your condition, book your vehicle, and enjoy inner peace as the rest will be taken care of by the experts.


If You Want Convenience & Accessibility?

When dealing with mobility issues, mental health disorders and other complexities, it becomes difficult to find a convenient and accessible patient transport ambulance to reach a medical facility safely. This is why there is non-emergency medical transportation to provide high-end convenience at your fingertips.


If You Need Medical Staff?

All non-emergency medical trasportation services should have medically-trained staff onboard. Here at CienOne, we provide the best medical technicians that come with certifications and credentials required by federal and state laws to transport patients living with a variety of mental health disorders. From bariatric patients to bedridden patients, a trustworthy NEMT service provider will have these types of professional people along for the journey.


If You Want Modern Amenities?

With today’s technology and advancements in medicine, it’s even more critical to have modern amenities onboard your NEMT ride. GPS tracking is a great tool for loved ones to know where and when their mentally challenged patient is at all times and when they get back home. Additionally, having a service fleet stocked with the best medical equipment and supplies nowadays is paramount.

Above are some of the main reasons to use NEMT services as non-emergency vehicles are highly maintained and equipped with special facilities to accommodate patients with all types of non-emergency conditions.


Book a Mental Health Patient Transport Ambulance Today

Although you have realized the significance of utilizing a patient transport ambulance, it’s difficult to find a trusted provider. This is why CienOne is here. If you’re looking for a trusted, experienced industry leader in non-emergency patient transportation, you can reach out to us anytime you want, and we will be happy to assist you.

Not only do we provide customized vehicles as per the patient’s requirements but also we have trained and highly experienced medical staff to accommodate each individual patient during the transportation. For more information, contact us today and book your next NEMT for patients with mental and health disorders.

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