When Should You Use a NEMT Service?

As people get older, getting around even to see a doctor becomes quite challenging. It’s not fun anymore like hopping in the car and driving to visit somewhere. In fact, due to the fear of getting out and thinking about the challenges, a lot of people miss their doctor appointments, making their health issues more complicated.

This is where NEMT or non-emergency medical transportation services play a critical role. A non-emergency medical transport provider will basically help you get the required medical attention but not in an emergency. They will pick you up from the home and drop you at another location whether it’s a nursing home or clinic or anything else.

It should be noted that non-emergency ambulance services aren’t similar to ambulances. They just arrange the transportation for your medical checkup but not for an emergency. To discover more about NEMT services, let’s start with what they are all about.


What Are NEMT services?


Non-emergency medical transportation services make the lives of older people much easier, especially for those who want to get their medical check-ups done when there’s no way they can go out. If you have an appointment with doctors for a routine check-up or you need to visit a nursing home for medical help, NEMT ambulances can be a life savior and get you there in back safely and without any problems or hassles.

However, a lot of people misunderstand NEMT services as medical emergency services but it’s not true. Non-emergency transport providers aren’t similar to an ambulance. They transport patients; however, not in emergency situations. If you do have an emergency, then you should call the local helpline or 911 for further help.


When Can You Use Non-emergency Ambulance Services?


Non-emergency ambulance services are a life savior in many cases for those who need them. Although NEMT ambulances play a popular role in overall healthcare services, many people don’t understand real-life situations where they can make the best use of them, and in some cases, don’t know they are available with just one call or click of a mouse.

That is why they are one of the most popular forms of transportation for those who do not have emergency types of situations and make the ideal solution. They can be utilized to go to the pharmacy and get prescriptions and even get groceries while you’re there or close to a grocery store as well as physical therapy and doctor appointments.

Here are a few valid uses of non-emergency medical transportation services:


Regular Check-ups


Physically challenged and senior people find it extremely inconvenient to use any public transportation. Besides, they can’t drive by themselves. As a result, there are higher chances of them missing out on an appointment. The local NEMT service providers can help here assisting them with the required transportation for regular check-ups.


One Time Situations


There are situations where you may miss a car ride to return from the hospital. Non-emergency transport can be one of the best choices here to deal with such situations as returning home, hospital, or nursing home discharges. They’re pretty easy to book, reliable, and highly punctual.


Hospital Visits


A lot of treatment procedures like dialysis, chemotherapy, and physical therapy demand dedication, long-term treatment as well as recurring hospital visits. Non-emergency medical transportation services can be highly beneficial in such cases, ensuring you don’t miss any appointments due to lack of transportation.

These are just a few of the real-life situations where non-emergency ambulance services can be used. However, it’s important to make sure that the vehicle is equipped with certified drivers and medical assistants for a comfortable journey. And why you should only use certified services that have a solid track record such as Cienone.


Contacting the Best Non-Emergency Ambulance Services


In the end, non-emergency ambulance services are deemed beneficial when you know their utilization properly. Still, not all those who claim the best are actually helpful. You have to conduct enough research to look for an ideal service provider, leaving many to wonder if they should call or not.

If you’re searching for local NEMT service providers, Cienone is here to help you out. We provide fully facilitated vehicles including certified drivers and professional medical assistants to ensure a safe and comfortable journey from your home to the destination.

To book an appointment or ask more questions about our professional NEMT services, contact us today and get the non-emergency transport services you need today or in the future.

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