Four Reasons to Consider a Medical Transport Company with a Larger Fleet of Vehicles:

Long-distance medical transport refers to the transportation of patients who require medical care over a significant distance, typically beyond the coverage of local ambulance services. This kind of transportation is crucial for individuals who need medical attention but cannot travel by conventional means due to their medical conditions. Long-distance medical transport can be a daunting task for both the patient and their family, and choosing the right medical transport company is vital to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

  1. Enhanced Reputation:

    A medical transport company with a larger fleet of vehicles has likely served numerous clients, indicating their credibility and reputation. By choosing a company that has a reputation for quality service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one or patient is in good hands. You can check online reviews or ask for references from the company to validate their reputation.

  2. Excellent Safety Record:

    A company with a larger fleet of vehicles typically follows strict regulations and has a solid safety record due to their extensive cross-country trips. They must meet high standards and comply with regulations set by the government and transportation authorities to ensure patient safety. In addition, larger companies usually have more resources to invest in advanced safety equipment and provide training to their drivers.

  3. More Drivers/Better Maintenance:

    Companies with a larger fleet require more drivers, ensuring fatigue-free trips, and follow rigorous maintenance procedures, which is good news for potential customers. When a company has a larger fleet of vehicles, they need to hire more drivers, which means that they can manage a more significant number of trips. Also, with more vehicles, there is a need for more maintenance personnel and equipment to ensure that the vehicles are in excellent condition for every trip. This translates to better vehicle maintenance and reduced breakdowns, leading to a smoother journey for the patient.

  4. Wider Coverage:

    Companies with a larger fleet can cover more destinations, making them an ideal choice for long-distance non-emergency medical transportation. They can provide transportation to a more significant number of locations, including remote or hard-to-reach destinations. A larger fleet also means that they can provide transportation for a more extensive range of medical conditions, including bariatric and critical care patients who require specialized equipment and vehicles. In contrast, smaller companies may not have the resources or capacity to provide transportation for such patients.

Overall, selecting a medical transport company with a larger fleet of vehicles is an excellent way to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one or patient during their journey.

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