Long Distance Medical Transportation FAQs

CienOne is always doing its best to help new patients and returning clients understand the reasons and methods behind NEMT services. Therefore, we have compiled 12 different FAQs that should help you understand the terms of service pertaining to non-emergency medical transportation and its use.


Any patient who needs to get regular appointments but is unable to visit the doctor’s clinic due to mobility issues, lack of transportation, or anything else can benefit from NEMT. Additionally, patients who need out-of-state transportation in a safe vehicle with a proper medical setup can also benefit from this type of service. 


The exact cost of NEMT services will differ based on the patient’s condition, the type of vehicle chosen, the type of medical insurance held, the date of departure, and several other factors. Therefore, we encourage you to connect with our team members to get the exact pricing based on the requirements of the patient and our services.

The single trip cost is determined based on the distance covered, availability of our transportation vehicle, transportation mode required, and other factors. In case you need wheelchair or stretcher support, then the pricing will increase slightly more than the simple ambulatory service. 

There are a lot of advantages to accessing a professional NEMT service including affordability, inner peace, greater safety, convenience, and accessibility. With NEMT, you don’t have to think about the safe transportation of patients as everything will be taken care of by our specialists. 

Yes, all our drivers are medically trained and highly skilled vehicle operators. They have a basic understanding of how to use CPR, oxygen cylinders, and other healthcare equipment to avoid any unnecessary scenarios during the entire trip. We also conduct a background check and make sure that all of our operators hold valid driver’s licenses.

We have a medically equipped vehicle that has all of the life support system including an oxygen cylinder and other equipment to support a critical patient. Also, our staff are highly trained and they can provide the required care and attention if the patient’s condition worsens during the trip, ensuring the patient gets oxygen. 

It should be decided based on the patient’s condition. In case the patient is suffering from mobility issues or any type of injuries, then they will need a specialized vehicle equipped with medical staff along with healthcare equipment like a life-support system, wheelchairs, stretchers, etc. For a basic checkup, you can book ambulatory services.

Cienone non-emergency medical transportation system is available 24/7, striving tirelessly to provide the best services to our patients. To schedule a transport, you can contact our team members, check the availability, choose your vehicle, and confirm the date of our services that will lock in the time and day you need us. 

NEMT or non-emergency transportation can is a precious tool for individuals, especially who need to visit the doctor on a regular basis but they lack proper transportation. In some cases, patients miss their important medical appointments and tend to worsen their condition over time. This is the reason why NEMT is significant and needed. 

There’s a thin line between emergency ambulances and non-emergency medical transportation. The differences can be found in terms of the expenses, booking methods, and most importantly the situation and condition of the patient. Additionally, emergency ambulances are generally dispatched by local police departments.

Yes, if the patients need bedside-to-bedside transportation, we have the required staff to provide that service. This is especially applicable to bariatric patients, senior patients, or those who are suffering from mobility issues. We have medically trained staff that is used to any type of bedside-to-bedside transportation that our patients may need.

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