What is Wait Time in NEMT and How to Reduce it?

NEMT is also known as non emergency medical transportation, and it plays a crucial role in healthcare by ensuring each patient gets instant rides to the hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics. That being said, wait times can easily be highly detrimental to any NEMT operator, increasing the patient’s dissatisfaction rate rapidly.

For the uninitiated, wait time in long distance non emergency medical transport services means the overall time for which a NEMT driver has to wait till the patients arrive and the trip gets started. If the wait time increases, it is not only detrimental for the service provider but also for the patient as well.

Fortunately, these wait times can easily be shortened with a strategic approach. Let’s keep reading to find out the best tips for booking an NEMT service.


What Are the Best Tips for Booking an NEMT Service?

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With non emergency medical transportation, it is pretty certain that going to routine checkups at any healthcare facility isn’t complicated anymore. Even if the patient is confined to a wheelchair or stretcher due to mobility issues, everything can still be taken care of by long distance non emergency medical transportation services.

However, a few tips for booking an NEMT service may help to gain all these benefits and avoid any unwanted incidents. One of the best things you can do is utilize a professional NEMT service provider with a proven track record for the best in customer care, on-time appointments, and complete satisfaction with the journey.

Below are some of the best tips you should follow:


  1. Make Sure You Double-Check the Vehicle

In non emergency medical transportation, the vehicle plays a vital role because the patient will be sitting there for maybe an extended time period. Therefore, the comfort and safety of the vehicle must be assured. For this, you need to double-check the vehicle that will be assigned for the patient’s transportation.

Broadly speaking, professional long distance non emergency ambulance service providers have highly equipped vehicles customized to individual needs. Still, make sure it has adequate legroom, medical supplies, and other accommodations to help you stay comfortable during the entire ride.


  1. Always Check the Reviews

In today’s world, reviews say everything, they can make or break a business. You can search online and find the reviews for any non emergency medical transportation service provider that you want to book. This will help you understand the service quality, vehicle quality, and other crucial aspects of the provider.

In addition, you can also consult with your close ones who have previously taken any NEMT services from professionals to better understand the standard of service quality you should look for while booking these services. It will give peace of mind and prevent any negative situation.


  1. Check the Equipment Used

Not all the patients booking for non emergency medical transportation can move on their own. Some people have mobility issues, for which, they need professional assistance along with additional equipment like stretchers and wheelchairs to travel and move comfortably.

When booking these NEMT services, it’s important to check whether the service provider offers that equipment or not. Even if they provide it, make sure you ask them whether the patients will be accompanied by trained medical staff during the entire travel or not. This will help you avoid any unprecedented incidents during the travel.


  1. Understand the Pricing

While booking a long distance non emergency ambulance service, it’s important to understand the pricing factor. Therefore, always ensure that you factor in all the costs related to the trip to prevent any unnecessary incidents. You should always consult with the service providers ahead of time and talk to them to clear all your questions.

Since all NEMT service providers charge different rates, it’s important to find out what’s included in your service and what’s not. Do they charge one flat price or is the trip itemized, depending on what the patient needs for medical supplies or uses? In the end, it’s always best to know the details ahead of time to better prepare yourself.

These are just a few important tips to follow when booking any non-emergency medical transport services. Following these tips will help you avoid all the unwanted scenarios during the entire travel and help you yield the true benefits of professional non emergency medical transportation services and reduced wait time.


Who to Contact for the Best Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

CienOne is one of the most trusted nonemergency medical transport service providers, ensuring safe and comfortable services all across the United States. We have bedside-to-bedside transportation services available for those who are unable to move on their own and a service fleet fully inspected, insured, and ready to go.

At CienOne, we ensure every individual receives the proper medical care that they deserve and we strive our best to achieve the highest level of efficiency. To know more about our long distance non emergency medical transportation services and rates, contact us today and book your next NEMT with CienOne.

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