Signs That Seniors Need NEMT Services

Non-emergency coast-to-coast senior transportation services are certainly an effective tool, especially for elderly adults who are unable to travel on their own. A lot of medical issues may bother an individual from traveling on their own for medical checkups. This includes mobility issues, old age, chronic health problems, and more.

As a result, every year a significant percentage of people in the United States refrain from visiting a medical facility for health checkups which further worsens their condition. This is why senior transport services were introduced for elderly adults to help them safely reach to their desired destination without causing any discomfort.

Let’s keep reading to see why these senior transport services are getting worldwide popularity and explore some elderly transportation tips to simplify the process.


Why is Senior Transport Services Needed?

Non-emergency medical transportation is designed for individuals who need to travel to another city, state, or any location for medical checkups but they can’t utilize public transportation due to health issues. However, a lot of people don’t really realize whether they qualify for these services and miss out on the endless benefits.

Senior transport services are deemed ideal for individuals who can’t access public transportation due to a lot of medical reasons like mobility issues, chronic health issues, and old age problems. Since seniors need special care while being transported to another location, high-end professional and reliable transport is required.

If you’re still wondering why senior transport services are required, here are a few reasons to consider:


If You Have Mobility Issues

Individuals or seniors who have mobility issues can immensely benefit from leveraging the coast-to-coast senior transportation services. Seniors can easily move out of their houses even for personal reasons like social events or family functions. With this service, there’s no need to be confined to your home, even if you have limited mobility.


In Case of Acute Medical Issues

In old age, people face a lot of medical issues that cripple them from living normal and active life. In some cases, a lot of times, seniors need to travel to the hospital and back home due to medical reasons. In those times, having reliable transportation services can help immensely not only in helping people to travel safely but also comforting them.


If You Need Wheelchair Accessibility

Although you can find wheelchair accessibility in public transportation, it never means that these are convenient and easy to use. Nevertheless, with senior transport services, you can not only get wheelchair accessibility but also get a life-support system in case you need it.


If the Patient Has a Bariatric Problem

Bariatric patients aren’t easy to move. In fact, for these people, it’s pretty difficult to get around on their own. Generally, bariatric patients mean individuals who weigh more than 300 pounds and are deemed obese as per medical standards. Additionally, non-emergency transportation makes traveling easy for these bariatric patients.


If You Need Stretcher Transportation

If seniors are recovering from any surgery or other serious condition for which they need to regularly visit doctor’s appointments for further checkups, you may need stretchers. The best part of NEMT services is that some of them offer bedside-to-bedside services so that you can have peace of mind.


If You Want GPS Tracking and Location

All service vehicles designed for NEMT will have GPS tracking and location installed on the fleet. This can help when you need to know where your loved one is during their journey to their medical appointments or if there is a roadside emergency unrelated to the NEMT vehicle. GPS is a standard feature for any company that is working in this field.


If You Need Medically-Trained Staff

Senior transport services will always include a medically-trained staff onboard with your elder. NEMT service providers have certified nurses and experienced drivers at your disposal combined with background checks. This ensures you get the best drivers and staff equipped for any type of emergency that may occur or to administer medications.


These are the signs to consider when choosing non-emergency medical transportation services. Moreover, these services provide more value to disabled individuals, seniors, or any other individuals who have medical issues due to any reason. However, always make sure you follow the elderly transportation tips to gain the best advantages of it.


Tips for Booking With the Best Senior Transport Services

A lot of people search for coast-to-coast senior ambulances while booking a NEMT service for elders. It’s because people are still not aware of why they should book a coast-to-coast elderly ambulance service for their loved ones and what would be the benefits. Still, you must always look for a professional NEMT provider to yield the benefits.

This is why CienOne, your reliable coast-to-coast senior ambulance services is here to provide you with the best non-emergency transportation to help your seniors comfortably travel out of the state or city. To know more about interstate elderly ambulance services and others, contact us today and experience the CienOne difference.

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