The Growing Need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

According to many online reports, almost 5.8 million U.S. residents miss their healthcare checkups due to a lack of proper transportation. Many of these people have mobility issues due to being overweight or having chronic conditions for which they are unable to take public transport. As a result, they miss their important doctor’s appointments.

A lot of people are not even aware of the adverse effect it may have on people who are not visiting their doctor on a regular basis. It may lead to serious health issues if neglected for a long period of time. This is the reason why non emergency medical transportation services are growing rapidly all over the world.

Let’s discuss the major benefits of non emergency medical transportation services provided by high-end professionals and continue reading,


What Are the Benefits of Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

For a lot of people in the United States and all over the world, the thought of visiting a doctor seems nerve-wracking due to a lot of issues. Non emergency medical transportation services or NEMT is deemed a precious asset for every individual who needs constant medical care but is facing transportation issues.

Having a reliable NEMT service provider that you can trust is critical, especially when it comes to professional medical assistance during the journey. It also ensures that you or your loved one gets to your important medical appointments and receive the special care you would expect from a company trusted with your valuables assets like human life.

Here are a few benefits of hiring an out-of-state medical appointment transportation company such as CienOne:


High-End Convenience

There are plenty of people who need to visit a doctor or healthcare facility in another state. However, they aren’t in a condition to move without any convenient support. For example, the patient may need a life support system throughout the journey, a wheelchair, or bedside-to-bedside assistance.

Since general ambulance services won’t provide you with out-of-state medical appointment transportation, this brings a lot of inconvenience among the patient’s families. With a coast-to-coast medical transport company, you can easily and conveniently have your loved ones travel as the vehicles will be specially equipped.


More Safety & Security

The best part of traveling with a state-to-state medical transportation or out of state medical appointment transportation company is that you can avail more safety and security with them. All these vehicles are equipped with life support systems like oxygen, patient monitoring system, and GPS along with stretchers and wheelchairs.

To ensure the patients remain safe during the entire transportation process, these vehicles are thoroughly and routinely checked by experts. Further, you will get additional trained medical staff to handle any emergency requirements during the travel. This is the reason why non emergency medical transportation services are preferred.


Lesser Dependency

The common problem with older adults or disabled people is that they hate being dependent on their family members for taking them to the hospital or doctor’s clinic for further checkups. This is the reason why they always refrain from visiting any medical clinic but it only worsens their condition over time.

With professional out-of-state or state-to-state medical transportation patients can feel the independence of traveling to the required medical facility without feeling burdened to the family members. You can book the service by putting the date and time of the appointment and the rest will be taken care of by the NEMT service provider.



The best part of hiring state-to-state ambulance services from a NEMT service provider is that they are far more cost effective than traditional ambulance services. In fact, due to the high-end cost involved in traditional ambulance services, a lot of people refrain from accessing them.

Nevertheless, out-of-state or state-to-state ambulance services provided by a NEMT service provider are cheaper as compared to ambulances. In addition, you will get a lot more medical support along with other accessories like wheelchairs, stretchers, etc. To gain all these advantages, conduct proper research before hiring a NEMT provider.

There are more benefits to NEMT than you see above such as personal care and friendship during the journey. Professional staff on a NEMT trip should not only be certified and medically trained to handle any emergency during travel but they should also take a valid interest in the patient and comfort them as well.


How to Book With the Best Out-of-State Medical Appointment Transportation?

Moreover, with a professional out-of-state medical appointment transportation company by your side, you can experience peace of mind while making any patients travel to another state or city for further medical checkups. Besides, these services are easy to book with CienOne, your reliable state-to-state bariatric transport company.

You can follow the simple and easy booking procedures to unmask all of our services, and we will arrange a pickup or drop-off based on your requirements. Ultimately, at CienOne, everything is customized according to the individual patient’s needs. For more information, contact us today and book your next NEMT journey with CienOne.

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