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Healthcare services are deemed essential to every type of person across the globe. At some point in our life, we face issues that require medical attention and may be on a regular basis. In a lot of cases, it has been seen that patients often face transportation challenges, especially if they require to attend an out-of-state medical appointment. 

Even if you are a skilled driver, you may still face transportation challenges when you may not be able to drive yourself to the hospital. For example, post-surgical patients are restricted to drive unless they’re cleared by a medical supervisor. Even if the surgery doesn’t involve hands or limbs, driving can still be restricted and a challenge at best.

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How Do CienOne’s NEMT Services Help? 

This is where non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service comes into the picture. CienOne, being one of the reputed and trusted NEMT service providers in the U.S. offers individuals customized transportation as per the patient’s requirements. We have the best prices and most affordable rates for anyone needing our services.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with  state-of-the-art stretchers, oxygen, and other updated features that assist you with a comfortable ride regardless of the length of your trip. We take extra time and consideration with our fleet inspections and routine maintenance, ensuring our transport vehicles are ready to travel out of state at a moment’s notice.

What is an Out-of-State Medical Appointment?

In some cases, you or your family members may undergo some major ailments that require specialized medical attention in a different state other than your own. Since some states don’t have certain healthcare facilities that can assist patients, long-distance NEMT services such as CienOne become a key way to get there. Other reasons may include:

  • If you need to travel outside your state to receive medical attention, it can reduce stress as some patients may require personalized care during long road trips.
  • Many people start worrying about transportation expenses that may include train, bus, airplane fares, parking, tolls, and gas fairs when having to go from point A to point B and back if they do not have adequate transportation or can drive themselves.
  • Since finance is often the primary source of stress in such a situation, the patient’s condition starts depreciating soon; therefore, it’s best to deploy professional non-emergency transportation services such as CienOne.
  • Increasing costs keep people from conducting the treatment which further leads to more serious health problems. This is why NEMT services can help people get to their appointments without causing hardships at home during a struggling economy.

A trustworthy non-emergency medical transporter such as CienOne offers out-of-state medical transportation under an affordable shade. Not only you will get affordable transportation but also a comfortable ride with our trained medical professionals. 

Out-of-State NEMT Service Benefits

We understand how much stress someone undergoes when they need to travel out of state for a medical appointment. Not only does the cost become the issue but also the stress and mental trauma work as a roadblock to the treatment. A lot of people don’t even complete the full treatment process due to such struggles. 

This is why CienOne is here to provide you with reliable and safe medical transportation out of state or interstate. You will be assisted by certified and trained personnel during the whole trip who will only ensure that you stay comfortable no matter what. Our mission for each and every trip is to offer you compassion, exceptional care, and constant attention. 

By choosing our out-of-state NEMT service, you will be offered the following benefits below as well as our well-known for professionalism, friendliness, and superior medically-trained transport staff and drivers. 

Secure Transportation

All our vehicles are equipped with modern facilities such as stretchers, oxygen, and everything required. Depending on the patient’s physical condition, we can arrange for more equipment if needed. This will help you transport safely to your destination.

Certified & Trained Personnel

At CienOne, we provide additional training to our staff that includes certification and further guidance to help patients as their needs require during the entire journey. We have the most experienced crews to assist you throughout the trip and come with the required experience that the industry demands.

Competitive Price

We understand the financial burden of out-of-state medical appointments and are committed to providing affordable transportation services to alleviate the stress and ensure you can focus on your health and well-being. Our team is dedicated to working with you to find the best transportation options for your specific needs and budget.

You Can Trust Our Out-of-State Ambulance Service

CienOne is the best choice for out-of-state ambulance services for non-emergency purposes. We provide excellent NEMT services and affordable rates for all of your non-emergency medical transportation needs. Whether your out-of-state appointment is close or far away, it doesn’t matter, contact CienOne to get you there and back safely.

CienOne can help you and your loved ones with in-state or out-of-state non-emergency medical services and have a wide range of vehicles equipped with whatever medical assistance you need. To reach one of our transport coordinators via email, phone, or live chat, contact us today and schedule your next NEMT services.

Frequently Asked Medical Transportation Questions


If you are planning a trip outside the city with your close ones, it is possible to get NEMT services. Drivers and caretakers ensure that your patient is safe and feels comfortable throughout the journey.


Although it can differ from organization to organization, most insurance companies do not cover non-emergency medical transport.  To find out more, you should get in touch with your insurance provider.

Trusted State to State Ambulance Services

CienOne is among the most trusted choices for state to state ambulance services, chat with a transport coordinator today. You can reach our transport coordinators via phone, email, or live chat any day of the week! Contact us today!

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