Bariatric Stretcher Transportation

Comfortable Bariatric Stretcher Transportation 

Obesity is one of the diseases affecting almost one-third of the American population. This is why bariatric stretcher transportation is one of the common services provided by non-emergency medical transport service providers. Here at CienOne, we understand the embarrassment, discrimination, and difficulties faced by bariatric patients in society due to being overweight. 

Therefore, our bariatric transportation is designed to assist heavier individuals to reach their healthcare facilities quickly, safely, and with dignity. We have uniquely featured vehicles optimized for overweight patients. Patients can be raised and lowered within the ambulance with just a touch of a button. It makes the boarding process far less stressful both for patients and families.

Reasons Why Bariatric Transportation is Required 

Broadly speaking, in the standard transportation of bariatric patients, there are high risks involved. For example, a patient may fall while traveling great distances which may lead to a medical emergency. They can also fall out of their bed/stretcher and get injured, or worse yet, get tossed around in the back of the transport vehicle if not properly secured.

At CienOne, we understand the struggle people go through while transporting bariatric patients from one facility to another. This is why we have highly equipped vehicles for safe travel and take extra precautionary measures for bariatric patients requiring safe non-emergency medical transport to their appointments and return trips back home. 

The five reasons why people prefer to use professional bariatric transportation services at CienOne include: 

Overweight Patients

Bariatric transportation is required for patients who are heavier and have physical limitations due to being overweight. In such cases, patients are unable to take public transport to reach any healthcare facility for specialized care. As a result, a lot of individuals stop themselves from getting any treatment and end up being stuck at home. Being significantly overweight can be challenging for some individuals, particularly if their bariatric condition limits their mobility and confines them to a bed. For some, just doing basic household chores is a daunting task; therefore, trying to get to their doctor’s appointments can be even more of a challenge. This is why CienOne NEMT services are here to help.

Patients With Sensitive Skin & Heart Conditions

Skin and heart problems are often common among bariatric patients. When the body starts gaining more weight, it leads to several problems, and heart and skin problems are the most common ones. Without proper transportation, the situation can instantly turn into a medical emergency which can be prevented by using a bariatric transportation service. For many, specialized care can be a state or two away or even across the country, that’s where we come into play.

Bedside-to-Bedside Transportation 

Transporting a patient with a bariatric condition requires careful planning and attention to detail. Moving them into a vehicle and assisting them in and out can be a complex process that requires specific precautions and a step-by-step approach. In cases where a mistake is made, the patient may fall and get seriously injured. This is why we take extra care for handling bariatric patients and undergo extensive training to ensure our team knows how to handle patients who are overweight. Here at CienOne, we provide bedside-to-bedside transportation for bariatric patients who are unable to move on and stand up on their own. Making us the most recommended non-emergency medical transport service provider. We specialize in long-distance bariatric trips and out-of-state bariatric transport services.

Last-Minute Assistance

If you need non-emergency medical transportation, our coordinators are available to help you 24/7. We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, and we are here to assist you with arranging transportation services as quickly as possible. Our vehicles are designed to accommodate unique needs, including bariatric stretcher transportation. However, please note that we do not handle emergency situations and our transportation services typically require 24-72 hours advance notice.

Inadequate Vehicles

There are many inadequate vehicles that do not fit bariatric patients; therefore, proper vehicles outfitted to accommodate bariatric patients is required, especially when a stretcher is needed to transport the patient to their appointments and back home. We take extra precautions to ensure all bariatric patients are safe and comfortable. CienOne has a wide range of service vehicles designed to handle and accommodate bariatric stretcher transportation. When it comes to making sure bariatric patients are comfortable and have whatever they need during transport, no one does it better than CienOne non-emergency medical transport services.

These are a few reasons why professional bariatric transportation is deemed useful for people. Basically, by hiring professionals like us you can avoid placing any further health risks on the patient. In addition, we ensure that all our bariatric patients safely depart and arrive at their destination without facing any discomfort. 

Benefits of Hiring CienOne for Bariatric Stretcher Transport

There are an endless number of advantages of partnering with one of the reputed and trusted non-emergency medical transport service providers in the country. The advantages of hiring us include the following: 

Reserve Your Transportation For Bariatric Patients

CienOne is one of the leading long-distance transport service providers for bariatric patients. Whether you need interstate or out-of-state transport service, our highly trained medical staff and skilled drivers will always be ready to assist you with 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today to know more about our bariatric stretcher transportation services and to schedule your next transport to reserve your spot. 

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