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Dialysis is one of the common forms of treatment used in medical science for a long time now. This treatment is given to patients with acute kidney failure. Generally, a healthy kidney helps to remove toxins from the body and balance out everything in a system; therefore, special dialysis transportation services are sometimes needed.

Let’s keep reading and discover more about CienOne’s NEMT services for dialysis transportation.

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Kidney Failure is No Joke!

When someone suffers from kidney failure, the body no longer can automate this process; therefore, dialysis treatment is required to sustain life. It has been reported that there are approximately 217,000 Americans who’re receiving dialysis treatment on an ongoing basis, and when it happens, kidney failure is no joke.

Having a professionally trained staff with you on a trip to your appointments can make the difference between life and death in some cases. Therefore, it is always best to hire non-emergency medical transportation for dialysis patients such as the services at CienOne.

While there are many different reasons why people need non-emergency transportation services, dialysis patients fall under a different umbrella and require special care. Let’s dig in a little deeper as to why professional NEMT services like CienOne’s are paramount.

People Need Dialysis Treatment!

At large, patients need to visit the dialysis facility at least three times a week, depending upon their condition. Nevertheless, accessing transportation is one of the greatest challenges that most patients face. After all, dialysis patients always require special medical attention to meet their particular needs during transportation to the hospital. 

When you have a trustworthy NEMT service at your disposal, scheduling future appointments and other destinations will make the round trip a pleasant and safe experience. Additionally, it also gives you a business that you can depend on when you need professional non-emergency dialysis transportation services.

This is the reason why CienOne is here to make sure that the safest and the best non-emergency medical transportation is given to dialysis patients no matter what the case may be. 

Why Do You Need a Specialized Dialysis Transport Service?

The trip to the hospital can be pretty stressful for a dialysis patient. We understand how essential it is for a patient to be present at the doctor’s clinic on time when they’re receiving such major treatments. This is why we provide specialized transportation for dialysis patients to help them get to and from their doctor’s appointments. 

Generally, accessing safe transportation becomes a hassle for dialysis patients as they can’t take public transport. As we have already served as one of the reputed and trusted non-emergency medical transporters for thousands of patients throughout the states, we hold the ability to handle dialysis transportation needs efficiently and effectively. 

Features of a Professional NEMT Service

When you trust CienOne as your non-emergency medical service provider, we ensure that you get the best possible features from our end. Our team of dedicated members is friendly, caring, and professional. You only get the best NEMT services at CienOne.

Our NEMT service vehicles are outfitted with the best medical supplies and equipment; therefore, they are ready for any type of situation that may occur during transport. Professional NEMT service is what sets CienOne apart from other non-emergency medical providers. The features you will get from a specialized dialysis transport include: 

Along with these, you will get a high-end modern vehicle equipped with all the amenities and facilities such as a stretcher, wheelchair, and more. Our staff ensures that they always provide clean stretchers whenever necessary. We also help bed-bound patients to move from beds into stretchers with secure and safe methods. 


What’s the Process for Booking With Us?

We believe in keeping everything as simple as possible. Therefore, if you have been searching for a professional and high-end non-emergency medical transporter for dialysis patients, all you need to do is to go through some formalities. 


Provide Us With Your Information

Generally, we require some information before providing our services to make sure you get a customized ride as per your requirements. The information we will need includes the patient’s details, home address, pick-up location, requested date and time for pickup, drop-off location, and other medical conditions.

Special Conditions and Requirements

You should also let us know if the patient needs any special equipment and the physical condition of the patient as well as the details of an accompanying passenger. We request all this information to assist every patient as per their unique needs. This information can help us to prepare your transport in the best possible manner.

Contact CienOne NEMT Services 24/7/365

Our transport team is available around the clock 24/7/365 for assisting you. For any questions or concerns to be addressed, contact us for more information. We are always happy to assist you with non-emergency medical transportation services. 

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