NEMT vs Ambulances: 3 Reasons Why NEMTs Are Better

You or a family member suffer from a non-emergency medical situation and need fast transportation to another state in America. Ambulances are a good option, but a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service is a better solution.
This transport service lets you travel quickly and safely from one state to another without costly ambulance fees from services like 911.
Further, different modes of transportation are used in NEMT services, such as cars, ambulances, vans, and airplanes. A non-emergency medical situation covers situations that do not require urgent medical assistance. It often applies to chronic and long-standing illnesses and conditions that pose no immediate threat.
In this article, you will discover three significant benefits NEMTs hold over regular medical ambulances.

  1. NEMT is Less Expensive Than Ambulances

    According to research, nearly 3.6 million Americans miss, push back, or ignore medical appointments because they cannot afford them or need the necessary transportation in their area. For example, getting to a hospital in another state would require NEMT rather than a passenger vehicle.
    Non-emergency medical services are handy here because they are less expensive. Even though the process of NEMT services varies across different parameters like vehicle types and service provider experience, they are often less expensive than ambulance rides. That works well for those on a budget but looking for good deals to make it to another state.

  2. NEMT Services are on Par with Ambulance Transportation

    Since NEMT costs less and offers the same service, you should go for it. Some people believe that NEMT providers offer mediocre services thanks to their cost-effectiveness. However, nothing is farther from the truth.
    In most cases, NEMT providers hire trained personnel, such as drivers and attendants. Also, these workers have the latest certifications and experience after attending training workshops to maintain their credentials.
    If you need to go by air, some non-emergency medical transport services provide amenities like stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. The rides are personalized to fit your requirements or that of a loved one.

  3. NEMT offers More Independence

    Some patients and individuals require some measure of independence while being transported. You won’t get that with an ambulance, which is generally more restrictive. For example, disabled and older adults in the United States often hate dealing with a reduced sense of independence.
    If you want to rely on something other than friends or family to transport you, you can rely on NEMT services to take you from one location to another. You will find a service that can transport you between states with minimum fuss or expenses. A regular ambulance would micro-manage your movement at almost every interval.

Final Words: Hire a Pro NEMT Service Provider Today

Are you looking for a trustworthy and professional non-emergency medical transport provider? You can find one dedicated enough to offer quality services backed by these qualities and benefits above. You will pay less, have more freedom for yourself or a loved one, and still enjoy valuable services.
Reach out to us for the best service provider for seamless medical transportation within or out of your state of residence.

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