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As people age, they lose their independence because of various health disorders. It even degrades their quality of life. For all such people, nursing homes act as the best place where sometimes or often times seniors need to be moved for medical treatment. However, transportation to these and from nursing facilities can be challenging. 

Some people are unable to walk and utilize regular transport modes to easily reach the nursing home. They now require special transportation services designed especially for them. It is where our nursing home transportation service comes into the picture. We offer the safest and best non-emergency medical nursing home transportation services.

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We understand that taking people to nursing homes for treatment and bringing them back can be challenging for both the patient and family members. Therefore, our nursing home transportation aims to make the process easier and simpler for everyone. You can expect premium quality care and comfort at an affordable price at CienOne. 

We work with Medicare, Medicaid, and all major insurance providers and accept debit and credit cards as well as cash payments if you or your patient doesn’t have medical insurance. Our rates are affordable and come with many extra benefits that you don’t typically receive with other NEMT service providers.

You can get Cienone today for NEMT services and book your first scheduled nursing home transportation by calling or contacting us by filling out our online contact form.

What is Nursing Home Transportation?

A nursing home transportation service provider is a company that offers specialized transportation services to older adults and adults who require medical treatments or checkups. CienOne nursing home transportation service involves using specialized vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts, handrails, oxygen tanks, first-aid kits, etc.

All of our nursing home transportation vehicles are designed to offer maximum comfort and support to older adults. If you know any older adult that requires help getting to and from nursing facilities, our team can help. We are a leading nursing home transportation service provider known for providing top-notch services.

Our team is medically-trained and certified to handle all types of NEMT procedures for any type of medical condition or disability, even bedridden patients. Regardless of your desired need for transporting seniors to and from nursing homes to their doctor’s appointments and other related trips, CienOne has everything you need.

Why Should You Trust Nursing Home Transportation?

We value our customers and take their individual requirements seriously. We make each trip personal and take great pride in making our patients feel comfortable and at ease during nursing home transportation. Whether it’s just a short trip in tow or one far away, you can count on our non-emergency medical transportation services.

While there are numerous reasons for using our nursing home transportation services, the primary benefits are shared below:


Nursing home transportation services are scheduled to operate at particular times. If you have older adults in your family who need assistance with a timely pick-up and drop-off facility, our nursing home transportation service is the best. We ensure adults reach the nursing home well before their scheduled appointment and take them back once the check-up is done. Our staff ensures that the older adults feel safe, comfortable, and cared for throughout the journey, providing maximum convenience.


We understand that not all older adults have the same requirements. Some may require additional care and equipment to reach the nursing home and return home. At CineOne, we take care of these little details and requirements seriously while taking your bookings for nursing home transportation. Our nursing home transportation vehicles are accessible and customizable to all, so you will never experience any discomfort or challenges regardless of the condition of the patient. Additionally, our service fleet is well-stocked and routinely inspected.

Peace Of Mind

Family members of older adults have a persistent worry about safely taking their elders to the nursing home and bringing them back home. This worry can be fixed with our nursing home transportation services.  Since our specialized vehicles have trained staff to look after older adults, they ensure that patients are securely brought to the nursing home and then delivered back home. This facility also takes away the worry from families, giving them maximum peace of mind.


CineOne takes peoples’ safety seriously. It is why we only used top-grade equipment, like wheelchair lifts, oxygen tanks, first-aid kits, handrails, GPS navigation, and much more to ensure peoples’ safety. We also have trained staff that constantly remains and monitors the older adults throughout the journey.

Book the Best Nursing Home Transportation Service

If you’re looking for a nursing home transportation service for your loved ones who require it to get the associated benefits, you can book our services in no time. We are a 200+ miles long-distance medical transportation company. If you have any questions about our nursing home transportation services call or contact us today.

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