Post-Surgery Transport

Trusted Post-Surgery Long-Distance Transportation 

Getting proper healthcare support is certainly essential for everyone. At any given moment, it’s possible that you may require surgery due to an injury or medical condition, even if you believe your health is well-maintained. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to have post-surgery transport already established.

Whether you fall down or encounter an accident, it’s important to reach the nearest healthcare facility for further treatment and recovery. However, for a lot of people, transportation challenges are one of the biggest problems faced in their life, especially after their post-surgical period. 

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So Why Are CienOne’s Post-Surgery Transport Services Needed?

At CienOne, we understand the unique transportation needs of patients who have recently undergone surgery. That’s why we provide reliable post-surgery transport services for those who need to travel between states or over 200 miles. Our focus is on bringing patients to rehabilitation facilities or other medical facilities, where they can receive the care and attention they need to make a full recovery. We prioritize patient safety and comfort, and our trained professionals are equipped to handle any medical needs that may arise during transportation.

Other times, people rely on emergency medical transportation without being aware of anything else available. Nevertheless, here at CienOne, we provide high-end non-emergency medical transport service to our clients who’re undergoing post-surgical or recovery periods. 

With us, we offer the safest and most reliable means of transportation at any time of the day during your post-surgical period. CienOne provides the best NEMT services for post-surgery patients throughout the United States.

Why Use Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service?

After undergoing surgery, especially for an acute injury, it’s common for people to have weakened muscles that require time to heal. In some cases, they may need to see a specialist located in another state or even across the country.

When it comes to transportation for post-surgery care, ensuring safe and reliable means of travel is crucial for human lives. Driving oneself while recovering from surgery, especially when taking prescription medication for pain relief, can be dangerous and is not recommended. It’s important to consider alternative means of transportation to get to appointments and treatments, especially when they are located far away.

The benefits of using non-emergency medical transport services at CienOne include: 

Get Professional Care

At CienOne we believe in providing the utmost comfort and care to our patients. We understand the compassion and care required during your post-surgical period. Therefore, all our medical staff are fully equipped and capable of handling any medical needs during transport.


Ultimately, you’ll get professional care during your post-surgery transport and the highest quality of NEMT services. Additionally, if you live in a state or so away from your facility and have a doctor’s appointment for post-surgery and need transport, we can assist you.

No Physical Struggles Needed

If you’re using public transportation, it can lead to several hurdles, especially when you need special care during your post-surgical period. All of our NEMT vehicles are highly equipped to handle the various needs of patients. From bedridden patients to those who just need assistance, we have the NEMT service vehicles you need.

Our post-surgery transport services at CienOne specialize in providing comfortable and reliable transportation for patients who require transportation on a stretcher. Our trained professionals take care of all physical requirements for patients who cannot operate on their own willpower and strength, ensuring a comfortable journey from one medical facility to another. While we do not offer wheelchair transportation, we can accommodate a wheelchair as luggage to ensure that patients have everything they need during their journey.

Our NEMT Vehicles

Customized care and support are integral to our NEMT services at CienOne. Our company specializes in providing non-emergency medical transportation services using our custom-built vehicle, which is specifically designed to accommodate a hydraulic powered stretcher, two captains chairs, and two beds.


Our trained professionals provide safe and comfortable transportation for patients who require transportation on a stretcher or bed. While we do not offer life support services, our staff is medically-trained and certified to provide non-emergency medical transportation services, ensuring that patients receive the care and attention they need during transportation.

Choose the Best NEMT Service Provider

When trusting a non-emergency medical transport service provider around your locality, it’s important to ensure that you or your family members are in the safest hands. Therefore, there are a few key points to note while choosing a NEMT service provider. These include:

Although there are many non-emergency medical transport services across the United States none rivals CienOne. We have the best track record in the state and all of the proper credentials including accurate driver’s license records, fleet inspection charts, and medically-trained NEMT staff.

Pick the Best NEMT for Post-Surgical Transport!

When you pick CienOne as your post-surgery transport, you can be confident in the decision. With our highly experienced staff, we have been providing comfortable and safe non-emergency medical transportation for years. Give us a try and see why so many people are discovering the benefits of picking CienOne NEMT services.

We have the best NEMT service vehicles and medically-trained team members onboard each one of our transports and the most caring and friendly coordinating staff in the country. When it comes to post-surgery transportation for the disabled and physically challenged, CienOne is the best in the business of NEMT services.

Cienone has all of your post-surgery transport needs covered according to your unique and specific needs. To know more about our non-emergency medical transport services, contact our medical coordinator today to schedule your next post-surgery transport.

Be Prepared with the Following Required Information:

  • The patient’s name, date of birth, gender, and age
  • The home address of the patient
  • The pick-up location of the patient
  • Requested time and date required for pick-up
  • The drop-off location or receiving facility of the patient
  • The name of the medical provider or physician authorizing the non-emergency ambulance transport
  • Medical condition: feeding tubes, special diets, etc.
  • Does the patient require special equipment, i.e., oxygen*?
  • Physical condition: weight, height, and ability to move or sit
  • Will an accompanying passenger be joining the patient?

Our transport coordinating team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are ready to address any questions or concerns about your medical transport needs. 

Solving Travel Logistics to Improve Patient Care

CienOne provides non-emergency transportation to ensure our clients get to where they need to be to improve health outcomes and ensure long-term social well-being. We understand that navigating services can be challenging for many patients and their families. 

That’s why our transportation coordinators are trained to provide the highest level of customer service. We help solve travel logistics to improve patient care. By offering our non-emergency transportation services to the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and other disadvantaged populations, we remove barriers to care, get them closer to loved ones, reduce the impact of chronic disease, and lower the costs of inpatient medical treatment.

Travel with the Best: CienOne NEMT

Our medical personnel are trained to understand and cater to patients’ specific needs and service requirements. When a patient books non-emergency medical transportation, they need simply to book a trip and rest assured that we will arrive on time to pick them up. 

Our well-equipped patient transport ambulances are stocked with essential amenities such as oxygen, stretchers, and other medical necessities to improve our patient’s experiences, and our staff is trained to provide non-emergency medical help.

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