Stretcher Transportation

Stretcher Transportation Services

A lot of people think that dialing an emergency ambulance is the only way out for stretcher transportation but there are other alternatives available such as non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT services. It allows patients and senior people to get the medical assistance they need during the journey. 

CienOne’s non-emergency long-distance medical transportation services not only provide transportation for different medical requirements but also offers medical staff to ensure everything remains safe. Whether you need a routine check-up or surgery, our stretcher transportation provides the safest way of transportation. 

How to Book Our Stretcher Transportation Services

There is no wrong time to book our stretcher transportation services. We are always available 24/7 to schedule and book your appointments that require stretcher transportation. We have the best service vehicles and keep stringent and routine inspections on all of our service fleets that are equipped with the best supplies.

Simply call CienOne or fill out our online contact form and talk to an agent but make sure you have all of your credentials ready such as ID, medical facilitiy information, and insurance policies. We work with Medicare and Medicaid patients as well and can take credit and debit card payments.

When Do I Need Stretcher Transportation?

If you want to make a quick visit to the hospital for your routine monthly or weekly checkups, travel long distances for an event but have mobility issues, or need to visit a medical facility located out of state for surgery or further checkup, stretcher transportation services at CienOne can meet all your needs under one umbrella. 


Cienone stretcher transportation can be availed to enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of NEMT services including affordability, convenience, safety, and peace of mind. With us, patients are transported from bedside to bedside without causing any harm to them. In fact, we also provide stretcher transportation for bariatric patients as well. 

Out stretcher transportation can be booked when you have one of the following:

There are several reasons why you or your loved ones may need stretcher transportation but regardless of the case, you can get our NEMT services for those requiring stretcher transportation to their appointments with a safe return trip back home.

What Are the Transport Facilities Available?

Generally, non-emergency medical transportation services have all types of vehicles to support different patients and their needs. From standard transport vans to helicopters and small jet-engine airplanes, there’s a stretcher transportation vehicle ready at CienOne for any non-medical emergency transportation need.


To safely accommodate patients and take them to medical facilities, we have the following transport facilities available:

Ambulatory Service

This is helpful if patients need clinical assistance without any emergency. If patients don’t need any medical equipment to walk or any basic support system during transport, then ambulatory transport can be availed without a second thought. CienOne offers the best medically-trained staff, ensuring stretcher patients are safe during the journey.

Stretcher Transportation

Stretcher transportation is extremely helpful for patients who are suffering from spinal cord injury and can’t sit straight. It becomes a constant trouble for these patients to move around and even attend medical appointments on their own. This is why Cienone brings you stretcher transportation to help all types of patients. 

Wheelchair Service

We also have a wheelchair transport facility, especially for patients with limited mobility like bariatric patients. Usually, a wheelchair transport facility can be utilized with our bedside-to-bedside service packages where you won’t need to worry about moving the patient around the medical facility as we have trained staff to do that. 

Above are the basic transport facilities available at our disposal. Depending on the patient’s need and condition, you can choose one of these services to accommodate their specific needs and requirements for stretcher transportation, whether it’s local or long-distance, we have the right NEMT vehicles and professional staff.

Contact Cienone for the Best Stretcher Transportation Services

Here at Cienone, we are a 200+ mile long-distance medical transportation company, providing the best NEMT transport services to patients and helping them to safely reach the medical facility to get all the care they need. To know more about our rates and services, contact us today to book your next stretcher transportation.

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