Transport for Dementia Patients

Caring Long-Distance Transportation for Dementia Patients

When a dementia diagnosis is given, it can feel like the end of the world for many individuals. With difficulties in problem-solving, people lose their skills, and while there are several types of dementia, including vascular, Lewy body, frontotemporal, and mixed dementia, the symptoms can vary greatly.

When it comes to managing the symptoms of dementia, regular checkups with a doctor are crucial. However, for individuals living in remote areas, visiting a doctor out of state may be the only option. Unfortunately, this can be a significant challenge for those with dementia, as traveling long distances can be exhausting and disorienting.

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Professional Services

Having professional transport services for dementia patients helps in the following ways:

When it comes to long distance transportation for dementia patients, CienOne understands the need for reliable transportation, especially when those appointments are out-of-state. Driving oneself to the clinic can be risky and potentially dangerous. That’s why CienOne offers top-notch non-emergency medical transport services for long-distance transportation of dementia patients, ensuring safe and comfortable travel for those who need it most.

Why Do You Need a Professional Medical Transport?

As our loved ones age, we often witness their health decline.  With that said, sometimes its easier to move that loved one closer to home.  However, when it comes to dementia patients, we often wonder who we can rely on for the safe transporting of loved ones so that their independence remains intact to some extent. 

The reasons why professional non-emergency medical transport is required for dementia patients include:

Dementia patients may require specialized care during transport, which can be provided by trained medical professionals. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle the unique needs of dementia patients, including managing their behaviors and addressing any medical issues that may arise during transport.

When it comes to individuals with dementia, medical support and surveillance are crucial for their well-being. However, trusting a random person to transport your loved one across the country or to a different state can be a significant concern. In this case, a professional and trained staff is required and ensures your loved ones do not get mistreated and make it to their destination safely.

If a dementia patient needs to travel on the interstate, it could be pretty difficult to arrange well-equipped transportation but CienOne is ready to handle NEMT services for dementia patients on the interstate. We also provide medically trained staff and have everything transport vehicles should have for those living with dementia to travel safely.

These are a few reasons why professional non-emergency medical transport should always be trusted without a doubt. With our bedside-to-bedside services, we ensure that patients get optimal comfort and care until they reach their out-of-state destination. 

How Can We Help?

When you trust CienOne as your non-emergency medical transport service for dementia patients, we try our best to serve you. Therefore, you never have to think of how you should deal with repositioning a loved one closer to home.

Besides, there are a few other ways we can help with this including the following: 

Get Quality Transportation Service

CienOne medical transportation provides specialized medical transportation for patients with Alzheimer's, TBI, dementia, or any other brain diseases or illnesses. When you trust us with your loved ones, we serve you with the best and most highly-trained staff who can assist patients until they safely reach their accepting facility or home. Our caring team is known for holding the hands of your loved ones and carrying on healthy conversations with them, making them feel special and cared for, unlike any other service provider.

Well-Equipped Vehicles

We understand that patients’ conditions may depreciate while transporting them over long distances. Therefore, along with our certified and trained professionals, we have well-equipped and modern vehicles that include all the latest and most outstanding facilities and amenities to assist safe transportation of dementia patients to their destination efficiently and safely. We conduct routine vehicle inspections inside and out to ensure maximum safety and that all supplies are up-to-date and well-stocked. Additionally, our GPS monitoring software is used to keep track of our driver’s performance and vehicle health. CienOne only deploys modern NEMT transportation vehicles and they all come with hydraulic stretchers equipped with a memory foam mattress.

Lesser Dependency

One of the major issues that older and disabled adults face is dealing with dependency on their family members. For a senior person who also has dementia, it may be impossible or unsafe for them to drive long distances. Therefore, they either become dependent on their family members or may not receive the proper care they need, leaving many in a worsening condition. This is the reason why the NEMT service from CienOne is here for anyone who needs help transporting dementia patients. We come with years of experience combined with a well-trained non-emergency medical staff and take special care of anyone who rides with CienOne.

Professional Long-Distance Medical Transportation Services for Dementia Patients

If you’re wondering who to trust with your loved ones to safely take them to a neighboring state or across the country, CienOne is here to offer you a wide range of NEMT services. Having qualified and trained staff and well-equipped modern vehicles, we can make sure that dementia patients get the best medical support anywhere they need to go. 

When it comes to medical transportation for dementia patients and the best care, no one does it better than CienOne. For more information about our NEMT services, give our trusted coordinating team a call or fill out our online contact form.

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