Safety Considerations For Patients Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

When booking a long distance non-emergency medical transport (NEMT), it’s paramount to know what the ride costs and who’s taking you or your loved ones to their medical appointments. Having a senior with mobility issues or mental health conditions raises the bar, especially when elite medical transport is required for long-distance trips.

Patient safety considerations should start before you book your appointment with an NEMT service provider. From driver requirements and training for NEMT fleets to medically trained staff and coordination care, patient care services matter. CienOne is a professional NEMT service provider that ensures every journey is safe.

Keep reading to unlock the best safety tip for patients using non-emergency medical transportation services.


What Are Medical Transportation Services?

Medical transportation services help patients needing non-emergency transportation get to scheduled doctor’s appointments, therapy, and family functions and have their prescriptions filled. They are not to be confused with ambulance transport services that work for the city and assist in 911 emergencies.

Medical transportation companies are independent contractors that assist patients with non-life-threatening conditions. They can provide long distance ambulance services for nonemergencies and are equipped with the same medical equipment you’d expect to find on a professional ambulance service but only transport non-emergency patients.


10 Tips for Booking NEMT Services

While getting to your medical appointments is critical, how you get there matters. With that said, some NEMT service providers can be unreliable and come with bad customer reviews. Therefore, let’s look at how to avoid these setbacks of booking with the wrong NEMT service provider.

Here are 10 safety tips for using NEMT service providers:


  1. Know What Vehicle You Want

Traveling long distances requires staying in the medical transport vehicle until you return home safely, which could take an hour or two to several hours. It’s good to have adequate legroom and feel comfortable during the journey. You can always ask the company if you can go see the fleet vehicle the day before to be sure.


  1. Driver Requirements and Training for NEMT Fleets

It’s crucial to ensure that driver requirements and training for NEMT fleets are up to state and federal standards. Professional NEMT companies will have driver certifications and information available about the fleet vehicle transporting you or your loved ones to their medical appointments.


  1. Double Check Appointments

Patients don’t like traveling in a nonemergency ambulance transport while arriving at their scheduled appointment and finding out they got the wrong time or day. Therefore, double-check your appointments and ensure you have the right day or time, saving you money, hassles, time, and unnecessary stress.


  1. Ask People You May Know

When booking a NEMT service, check with people you know or read reviews about the company you’re considering, preventing any unnecessary pitfalls or poor medical transportation services from unfolding. Additionally, you can go to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website and read their reviews and ratings.


  1. Make Sure They Have Stetcher and Wheelchair Stretcher transportationTransportation

Ensure your NEMT vehicle comes with a stretcher and wheelchair transportation by calling the provider and asking them. You can also ask them any detailed questions about your scheduled trip, including medical supplies, trained staff, and handicap accessibility options.


  1. Make a List and Double Check it

Before starting a journey with any long distance non-emergency medical transport company, make a packing list and check it twice before you leave. While going about your day, keep the list handy in case you think about something that you forget. This step can help you leave for your trip and forgetting something important.


  1. Know the Costs Upfront

When booking a long distance non-emergency medical transport service, know all related costs upfront before you offer your debit or credit card information. Knowing the costs of your NEMT service ahead of time prevents any surcharges and surprises. You should also ask if food and drinks come with the costs, or if they cost extra.


  1. Onboard Care

Will the company have someone sitting with the patient, or does your NEMT services include just a driver? This is a good question because patients enjoy being comforted during transport, especially the sick and elderly. Elite medical transport companies will have onboard care and someone to care for the patient’s well-being.


  1. Stay Connected

It’s crucial to stay connected when you have an elderly patient or loved one traveling long distances to their medical appointments. Make sure their phone is working. Pack the charger with their travel bag if any emergency happens, you can call them, or they can contact you.


  1. Bring Something to Do

Bringing something to do can make all of the difference in the world when traveling long distances during medical transport. Bring a magazine, word puzzle, table, smartphone, or a book, to keep you entertained during the journey.


How Can I Book the Best NEMT Services for Patient Safety and Care?

Call or contact CienOne, the best NEMT services for patient safety and care. We provide professional non-emergency medical transportation for patients looking for local and long-distance services at affordable rates. We ensure the highest safety standards to get our patients where they need to go and back safely.

Long distance non-emergency medical transport should be enjoyable. At CeinOne, we provide everything you need to make your journey as pleasant as possible. We provide wheelchair and stretcher services coupled with medical professionals who go the extra mile, ensuring maximum patient safety.

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